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Outback Pergola 

As an authorized Stratco builder, Outdoor InDesign is proud to offer the innovative Stratco Outback Pergola™ .
Outback Pergola

Outback Pergola and Shade Blade system from Stratco.

Elevate the ambiance of your outdoor setting with the combined elegance and functionality of the Outback Pergola and Shade Blade system from Stratco.

Versatile Applications
Whether you aim to craft a leisurely shaded spot or protect fragile plants, the Outback Pergola offers a solution, while still welcoming natural light.

Impressive Span
With the ability to span up to eight metres, it offers flexibility for both freestanding and attached installations.

Customizable Shade
Tailor the pergola's appearance with a variety of shadecloth colours and determine the level of sun protection suitable for you.

Sleek Attachment
The shadecloth is neatly attached using a special clip, ensuring a polished look.

Shade Blade system

For a more permanent option to filter natural light, consider the Shade Blade system.

For those seeking a longer-term solution to moderate natural light, the Shade Blade system is an excellent choice:

Angled Blade Design

This fixed blade system lets in light and air, while offering sun shelter. The unique blade even includes a mini-gutter, safeguarding against light showers.

Versatile Installation

Apart from pergola attachment, Shade Blade can also serve as a side screen for privacy, given post centres remain within 1.2 metres.

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