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Outback Gable Pitched Roof 

Enhance your home and outdoor entertainment area with a functional and stylish addition.
Premium Outback Roof

Suitable for Verandahs, Patios, or Carports

Elevate your outdoor space with the captivating Outback Gable Verandah, Patio, or Carport from Stratco. Its iconic pitched roof design is both a statement of style and a promise of robust functionality.

Design Flexibility
The Outback Gable seamlessly integrates with flat roof or pergola sections, and can stand alone or attach to your home, acting as a central point for all your outdoor events.

Premium Finishes
To enhance longevity and aesthetics, we incorporate high-grade materials like Aluminium Post Wraps and Outback Edge Gutter, ensuring an unmatched finish and enduring protection.

Unrivalled Customisation

Dive into a blend of luxury and functionality.

Customizable Span

Multispan Gable
Features purlins supporting varied cladding options such as Outback Deck, polycarbonate, or corrugated steel. It can span up to 6.6m wide.

Clearspan Gable
With the unique Outback Deck roofing, it requires no added support and can impressively span up to 7.5 metres.

Outback Heritage Options

A timeless choice, the Outback Heritage offers two styles:

Traditional Gable
Available in widths up to 8.4 metres, with a roof pitch of 22 or 30 degrees. Enhance its look with various decorative end infills.

Dutch Gable
Available in widths up to 7.5 metres, with a consistent 22-degree roof pitch and a fibre-cement sheet infill.

Our Services

At Outdoor InDesign, we offer a wide range of services to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area.
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Let's Craft Your Outdoor Space

The perfect outdoor space reflects your aspirations, lifestyle, and values. Reach out to us and let's embark on a journey to bring your outdoor vision to life. Discuss the scope, get a tailored proposal, and witness the transformation only Outdoor InDesign can provide.